Athlete Rupsy Karel

Rupsy is an amateur runner who took up the sport to cope up with post pregnancy weight gain.

She started running small distances for 20-30 mins initially on a home treadmill. However soon, her commitment transformed to love for the sport. And that’s when she decided to give running a further push. She started running in 10k categories within few weeks and in a very short span of time she was adjudged top 10 best female runners in Gujarat Diwas 7k run.
Her commitment, discipline and focus kept on increasing towards the sport and so was the distance. She leaped high on spirit and took Half Marathons as her favorite race category. Her best time in Half Marathon is 2 hours and 14 minutes. And in recently concluded Adani Ahmedabad Marathon 2021, she secured podium finish in her category. She has run a maximum distance of 33 kms in Chambal Challenge 2020 held at Kota, Rajasthan and participated in various prestigious running events across India.

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