Introduction – Raja is a Barefoot Runner known as #barefootraja among fellow runners. He started his running journey in 2015. Till now completed approx 250+ HM,12 FM & 10 Ultra’s. His recent longest was 170 kms in Feb2020. He got love & opportunities to be pacer in 42 HM /FM and 14 Races  as an Ambassador in different parts of the country.

He has discovered sportsman spirit and loves to learn from each and every moment life has to offer.

he is training hard for my upcoming #bigchase #bigdream own created ultra in Jan2021.

For him running is a continuous source of positivity and confidence in life, so no tiredness when you love your passion. 

His top goal is to 
give it back to the running community, He believe & live #aRunner4Runners. To support improvising co runners and freshers  to be fit & healthy and overcome from their fear.

His message to all  – “The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you. So start running and challenge your inner gut.” & Respect #NaariShakti

Social Media Presence: 

Instagram – @barefootraja or

Strava –,

You can catch him on his:- FB A/c & FB Page