Marathoner, Mentor, ADR Group Captain, Pace Setter, Brand Ambassador, Sports Nutrition Consultant, Motivational Speaker 


Gopinath Dhandapani

Gopinath Dhandapani working in an IT company based out of Ahmedabad, since 15 year, he was fat due to heredity and family gene till 2013, he started walking, jogging to reduce 30 kgs fat and turned to fit, to maintain it he joined ADR and become active runner and marathoner, he started group chandkheda and got many to join the group and excel to marathoner, ultra-marathoner and triathletes


He is known for motivating fellow runners, mentoring and guiding them to excel in their fitness regime


Runners/Cycling community call him as Anna across Gujarat

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Achievements so far:

  1. Vadodara Marathon 2020 – 5 hrs FM pacer – helped many runners to get PB FM time around 5 hrs
  2. Adani Ahmedabad Marathon 2019 – 24th Nov 2019 2:20 Mins HM Pacer – got personal best timing for more than 30 runners by mentoring them for 2 weeks before event
  3. KD Marathon 2019 -10th Nov 2019 2:15 HM Pacer got personal best timing for more than 15 runners by mentoring them for 2 weeks before event, also selected other pacers to make the event successful
  4. One of the Brand Ambassador of Run with Soldier 27th Jan 2019, selected all pacers and given technical consultancy to organizer for complete event execution
  5. Won as captain – ADR Team Sep challenge 2019 by 1500 KM margin in a month (4877 KM in Total in a month, 2nd team 3376 KM)
  6. Started Chandkheda chapter in ADR and mentored more than 50 walkers to complete half Marathon, Marathon and Ultra Marathon
  7. Completed Diploma in Sports Nutrition from UK’s Shaw Academy
  8. One of the Group Brand Ambassador for B safal Ahmedabad 2016
  9. One of the Brand Ambassador for B safal Ahmedabad 2015
  10. One of the Brand Ambassador for Pinkathon Ahmedabad – 2015
  11. Finished Half Iron distance (1.9 KM swim, 90 KM Bike and 21 KM run) Twice
  12. Executed ADR CK 10K event with core team members on 28th July 2019
  13. Finished as 1st Runner up in ABC Dualathon on 18th June 2017 (6 KM run + 28 KM Cycling)
  14. Finished as 2nd Team Runner up in 12-hour Night Marathon Carnival with 108 KM
  15. Completed SPRR Ring Road 77.4 KM Ultra Marathon in 12 hours
  16. Completed Vadodara Trail Ultra Marathon 55 KM in 12 hours
  17. Completed 50 KM in ADR Night Ultra 2019
  18. Completed 12 hours Mumbai Ultra 2015 66 KM
  19. Overall done more than 50+ official Half Marathon, 5 official Full marathon & 4 ultra-marathon
  20. Runner overall 12000 KM since July 2014
  21. Rode more than 50000 KM in Bike since 2013

Greatest source of motivation 

  • Reduction in body weight by 30 kgs.
  • Coming from poor Heredity family with BP, Sugar and Asthma, living healthy life at 40 without visiting any hospitals in the last 5 years (Both my brother and sister got diabetes due to heredity cycle)
  • Lot of people in the community comes in his contact via ADR to seek Anna’s advice.
  • People in his local community have witnessed my weight loss by running and lot many people have seek Anna’s advice, and many have implemented it.
  • He is part of Ahmedabad’ Cyclone Cycling Club (with more than 5000 ppl in FB fan page), the whole group cheers my podium finishes and got featured many times in Gujarati newspaper like Gujarat Samchar (Daily circulation 46,42,000) , Divya Baskar (Daily circulation 8,54,097) for Anna’s podium finishes and special article came about Anna in Gujarat Samchar about half iron distance completion on self on continuous 8 hours rain.
  • One of the most influencing runner in Ahmedabad.

Anna has many followers on Strava, Instagram and Facebook