Myself Surendra Varma, 38 years old. I am an Electronics graduate with Strategic Business Management Degree from IIMK. I am a Human Resource Professional have worked in Corporate for more than 13 years and from last 8 years running by own business which is a full-service HR Outsourcing and consulting organization.

Entrepreneurship is a different ball game and it is definitely stressful especially in the initial years when you are trying to set up your base. I was working very hard putting more than 16 to 18 hours of my time into work and this has started impacting on my health and ultimately on the quality work deliveries to our customers. I realised if i continue like this i will burn out and will not be able to run business effectively.

I decided to take up running and joined ADR in Oct-2016, this was the game changer in my life and i met many passionate runners in ADR and i decided to take running very seriously and started training hard from there on. When I started in 2016 my weight was 90 KG and I lost 25 Kg and achieved my best and fittest version in 2018.

I have run more than 90 plus half marathons; have participated in 20 official Half Marathon events, 3 Full Marathon and 2 Ultra Marathon. My Personal best time for half marathon is 1 hour and 35 minute which i achieved in Jan-2019 in Vadodara International Marathon. I ran my first Full Marathon in TMM-2019 and complete it in 3 hours 31 minutes.

I am a certified Sports nutritionist , from Shaw Academy UK.

I am pursuing my Sports psychology course from USA.

I have run many marathon as pacer and have helped many runners to achieve their Personal Best timings.

Pacer Assignment

  1. SBI green Marathon – 2018 – 2.30 Hours Bus for HM
  2. Adani Marathon – 2018 – 2.15 Hours Bus for HM
  3. Bsafal Marathon – 2018 – 1.50 Hour bus for HM
  4. Gujarat University Run – 2019 – 2 Hour bus for HM
  5. Adani Marathon – 2019 – 4.15 hour bus for FM
  6. KD Marathon – 2019 – 1.50 Hour bus for HM
  7. Bsafal Marathon – 2019 – 1.50 Hour Bus for HM